Our practice is devoted exclusively to Family Law

With 40 years experience in Family Law, Bobette Fleishman is an attorney you can trust.

Whatever the complexities of your case, our team has a proven record of effective advocacy in both settlement negotiations and when necessary, litigation.

We will be there with you from beginning to end, from the initial Petition or response through discovery, Pre-Trial, Trial and post-judgement modifications. 

If your case is already underway, we can assist you no matter the stage of your case.


Divorce is never easy.  The dissolution of a marriage is a highly emotional time for everyone involved.  Hiring the very best Ventura County or Los Angeles County Divorce Attorney is key to having your best interests represented during this time.

Child Custody

Bobette Fleishman is a highly experienced Ventura County Child Custody Attorney.  She has the know how to represent the best interests of the child in matters relating to child custody.  Child custody may be the most significant issue faced during the divorce process.


Parents almost never share a household after a divorce and therefore the children will live with one parent and have visitation with the other. As a Ventura County Family Law Attorney, Bobette Fleishman can help you to navigate these complex legal matters to obtain your best possible result.

Child Support

Children deserve to have the support of both parents.  If you are working towards determining a child support agreement, having an experienced Ventura County child support attorney is important.  Put Bobette Fleishman’s 40 years experience to work for you.

Property Division

According to California Law, both assets and debt acquired during the marriage are subject to community property laws and divided equally between the divorcing spouses unless an agreement is reached between the two parties.  Having a skilled mediator like Bobette Fleishman on your side will assist you in having a positive legal outcome.

Our other areas of practice

Bobette Fleishman is highly experienced in Divorce Mediation, Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Divorce Agreement Modifications, complex financial valuations, domestic partnerships, civil unions, paternity, post nuptial agreements, domestic violence and spousal support issues.

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